Wednesday, 8 April 2015

May 2015 Giveaway: Printable Wedding Chalkboard (DIGITAL FILE)

I am so happy to announce the giveaway winners! There are nine lovely ladies join this giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered.

  1. Brina Olympias
  2. Veron See
  4. Carol Chua
  5. LiNa
  6. Tan Shwu Yan
  7. Ooi Yi Shan
  8. Cherilyn
  9. jarael lai

The winner of my blog's giveaway is my dear Brina Olympias and Carol Chua!
For Brina and Carol, please send me your email address @
I will email you the chalkboard layout by this week =)

Dear Lovely People!!!

Chalkboard wedding layout are incredibly trendy right now, and there's something truly delicate and simplistic about crafting chalkboard style wedding layout.

I absolutely fell in love with this romantic idea to fully incorporate the chalkboard theme into your wedding.

The good news is I would love LOVE love to giveaway my printable chalkboard design not to only one but two lovely brides. You just need to choose the layout option  and tell me the couple name with your wedding's date.



OPTION 3:                                                                 OPTION 4:

What you need to do to enter the contest:
  1. Join Tan's Hobbies blog to be one of the lovely friends / follower =)

  2. Leave a comment on this (May 2015 Giveaway) post and tell me which option you would like to have.
  3. Tell me the couple's name and of course the wedding date.  
  4. If you have instagram account, I would be so happy if you also want to become my follower @tanshobbies =P
  5. Closing date: Monday, 25th May 2015 09:00 a.m (Singapore time).
PS: This giveaway is OPEN TO ALL!!!

I'll pick two lovely winner that have met the above criteria randonly and announce the name here on Tuesday, 26th May 2015. As simple as that!!!! 

The winner will receive an email of the high resolution PDF/PNG file (8.27 x 11.69 inches).  
- Please note that this giveaway does not include a physical item.
- Design is by Tan's Hobbies and not for reproduction, distribution, or resale in any form.

Thank you again to everyone for your love and support! Have a fantastic week!!
Love you all!!


  1. This is awesome Tan ! You are so talented and creative ! Just adorable ! Love it ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  2. Love option 1.
    Wedding date is 14.11.2015
    Brina & Mark.
    Many Thanks!!!!

  3. ♥ Option 1
    Date of Big Day: Tenth January Twenty Sixteen
    Groom & Bride: Glenn & Veron

    Thank euuu!

  4. Hi, I would love to have option 3!!
    Michael and Christy

    I followed your blog, so please pick me to win this giveaway!!
    Thanks in advanced !!

  5. Hi I would love to win this... You're really talented! I really like option 3 and it would be a great addition to the decor on my dessert table!

    Wen Jun & Carol
    28 Nov 2015

    Followed your blog and Instagram:)

  6. #3.

    Name: Amalina & Far Khan
    Date: 30/8/2015

    insta: @linaisheree


    Hope to win this 😍

  7. Option 3

    Name: Choon Wee and Shwu Yan
    Date: 31 May 2015

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi
    Prefer: option 3
    Name: Alvin & Cherilyn
    Date: 2016 (in the midst of confirming)
    Insta account: yanning91

    hope to win this giveaway! (:


  10. Option 1
    Name: Jarael & victor
    Date: 11 October 2015

    Totally love your corsage.. Will contact you very soon!! Hope I will win this! Would love to have it for the wedding!

  11. I have received it :) Thank you!

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