Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is all around. Happy Valentines Day 2012. Just wanted to say, I love all of you from the bottom of my heart =)

Today’s creation will also be shown inside Kathy's blog. She has so many brilliants creations shared on her blog. Just take a look and you will surprise to see how amazing she is!!

I am very happy to be the guest designer on Kathy's blog this month. I can't thank her enough for the opportunity. It's an honor for me, really! I am so excited!

For this special occasion, I wanted to share with you my creation of stocking doll.

I found the idea of these from here.

The names of my little  babies are Anthony and Isabella. Cute names, right! :)

Here is what you will need to make them

  1. Any unused stockings, skin tone.
  2. Small beads for the eyes 
  3. Needle and Thread to sew.
  4. Felt Cloth to make baby diapers
  5. Pink/Red crayon to color the cheeks &
  6. And thefollowing direction:

    I hope you like the new additions to the family! LOL :P

    Thank you so much for dropping by today. Don't forget to visit Kathy's blog as well.


    1. I am so excited,these little babies are so sweet! Just like the person who created them!
      Your the best, thank you so much, love an hugs Kathy.

    2. These are gorgeous little babies they have such sweet faces


    3. I am so excited too!! It's my honored to be a guest designer on your fabolous blog. I'm really appreciate it. Thank so much, Kathy!!

    4. Congrats on being GD - well deserved...
      Awww these stocking babies are just so adorable...
      and you gave them such awesome names.... cute, cute!
      Love them... I hoped on over to Kathy's and she has some fantastic projects going on too...

    5. How fun you are the guest this month.Wanted to thank you for sharing this adorable project.

    6. Congrats. on being guest desighner this month.
      I adore your cute little babies.

    7. Hi Tan:
      I'm here from Kathy's blog. You are very talented and I'm happy to have found you. :)

    8. Hi Tan. This babies are realy cute. I love diapers with hearts. Wishing you a happy Valentine day. Lily Anuska

    9. Tan these little babies are just so sweet and what cute little faces! Chanelle xxx

    10. OMG --------------------- !!!
      Such a ULTRA SUPER CUTE DOLLS ------------ !!!
      p(^o^)q""" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT !!!
      Tan, you do such a lovely creation !!!
      You do sew everything yourself ???
      I stopped by Cathy's blog also,she is also very talented. YOU,TOO,TAN !!!
      ADORABLE BABIES ------------- !!!LOVE THEM !!!
      I am very impressed and very looking forward to see your next creation again !!!

    11. Hi Tan. Me again. Have you heard for LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. I have some for you on my blog. Just check. Hugs. Lily Anuska

    12. Hi Tan, these babies are really adorable!!! Thanks for sharing & Happy Valentines Day! =)

    13. dear its so cute. could i book one for my bb:) happy valentines day!

    14. Oh, my goodness!!!! These are SO sweet. Those little babies are adorable! What a fun project to share on Valentine's Day. Who *doesn't* just LOVE a sweet baby????

    15. aww look how cute...these are so adorable...

      Happy Valentines Day... :)

    16. How very cute are these little darlings??!!!??!! They are just just precious!

      Happy Valentine's Day!

    17. I saw these sweet babies this morning and then we had to leave for the day. These little sweethearts are so precious -- you are quite talented. These babies are very, very sweet.

    18. Holy cow! These are so cute and all you need is stuff you can find around you house? Love it!! I really want to make these. Thank you so much for creating them and for the link!

    19. These are so cute! My daughter would love them.

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    20. OMG these are so very cute,you are very clever!!!