Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wedding Couple Image

Want something special for your wedding? Want a cute logo to describe you and your loved one? Want to add something special on your wedding invitation card? Want to make a rubber stamp to add some magic on your thank you card, napkins, favors or candy/chocolate paper bags or anything else imaginable?

I have a fantastic suggestion to make your wedding interactive and beautiful.

Yes, with the couple logo by Tan's Hobbies, you could start create your dream wedding.

Saved in 72 pixels per inch, high resolution in .png file, this image is ready for use anytime.

To place an order of any Tan's Hobbies wedding couple image, please send an email to tanshobbies@gmail.com, providing the following information:

  1. Couple Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Email Address
  4. The choice of couple image, e.g.: Momo and Mimi
  5. The preferable colour. I could edit the flower / bouquet color based on your preferable colour (optional)
  6. Wedding Date, Hotel Address (optional)
  7. Add / remove glasses on the groom's or bride's face (optional)
  8. Additional mole on the groom's or bride's face (if any) =P
  9. I will proceed with your order once payment is received. Payment will be via POSB Account.
  10. I will send you the image with transparent background =)

Wedding Couple Logo. Price: S$40.00 for each couple 

Terms of use:
My images are protected by copyright, but the copyright mark wont show on the images.

You can use these picture for your own personal projects and you can sell your handmade items using these images.
But you CAN’T mass produce/sell, resell or share, alter or edit our digital images for commercial purposes, or claim these as your own.


  1. hehe these are just the cutest..

  2. Hi are u able to change the hairstyles?

    1. Dear Madeline!!! Yup2, of course I can help you to change the hairstyles. Just send me an email at tanshobbies@gmail.com