Saturday, 8 September 2012

DIY Flower Brooch

Good Morning, All!!

Today is September 8th, 2012. It means, my big day will be arriving in another three more months. OMG, how time flies soo fast!! After my big day, Christmas and New Year will come too!! Haitz, I even haven't prepared any Christmas and New Year card yet!! Well done, Tan =P 

Anyway, just a quick post today! I was cleaning my room last week. And realize that I has many clothes that I can't fit anymore.

Proudly present my creation of Flower Brooch:

  1. Unused Fabric. You might use paper as well.
  2. Thread and Needle.
  3. Button. I bought this DIY button kit from Daiso Singapore.

And here is the "step by step" procedure of how to make the flower's petal=)


  1. Tan, this flower is beautiful!! Thank you so much for showing us how to make it, love ya kiddo!!!:)

  2. What a sweet flower and thanks for the tutorial... Don't tell me you tore this off a pretty outfit! (hehe)
    TFS -

  3. wow this is so awesome..thanks for the fun nice to see you post again...

  4. Hello dear flower,you did another great job and it is very nice tutorial also !!! p(^o^)q"""
    The Origami style flower needs lots of work and looks soooooo beautiful !!!
    You have great idea and this is SUPER CUTE !!!

  5. Oh my word Tan - this is absolutely gorgeous. How very pretty and what a lovely gift for some fancy lady!

  6. Very cute and creative! Love all your projects!

  7. Oh Tan this is totally awesome ! What a fantastic flower ! Thank you so much for the tutorial, I've got to give it a try ! You rock Lady !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  8. Hi Tan,
    A lovely flower.Indeed, your big day is aproaching fast.How exiting.I can hardly wait, to see the picture of you in your wedding dress.
    Big hug,


  9. I think you get a pass on the Christmas cards!!!! Just sayin'! Love love this and what a fab detailed tutorial!