Friday, 7 September 2012

Piggy and Puppy Finger Puppet for Kids

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Just a quick post today! I want to share with you my creation of Animal Finger Puppet.

We are going to have about 10 kids at our 3/4 hours reception. So, I want to give them something fun to do. Beside DIY a Kids Activity book, I also make an Animal Finger Puppet for them.

Here is my creation of Piggy and Puppy Finger Puppet.

Why I choose to make Piggy and Puppy? It just because I was born is boar/pig year and my soul mate was born in dog year.

Hope all the kids will love it =P

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Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh Tan Sweetie ! This is sooooooo cute ! The kids will love them ! Gosh you are so creative and talented ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  2. These are so very cute!!!!! I love pigs. - I mean like cute!! Well done.

  3. Tan, you are amazing... I'm sure this will keep all the kiddies entertained with their finger puppets.... lovely idea and great presentation....
    TFS - enjoy your lovely day and weekend ahead!

  4. These are adorable Tan, I love little piggys, they are wonderful. The dog is so cute. You are so talented!!! love and hugs to both you and your honey:)

  5. Hello flower, (^o^)/""" You did great job, and I really LOVE your felt creation like this or flowers (which you made before), hand sewing stiches is not easy, your hand stitching is soooo beautiful, I can see it !!!
    Super cute doggy and pig !!! Children must LOVE and ENJOY them !!! p(^o^)q"""
    Great job, flower !!!

  6. hehe so darn cute...I love creative and super fun...

  7. oh, so cute! is there a tutorial? they look much better than the finger puppets that I bought from Ikea for my daughter.

  8. These are super cute! What a creative idea! I'm sure they will love them!

  9. Not only is this precious, but very very thoughtful. You really have thought of everything and the details are A-Mazing!