Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blue and Black Wrist Corsage

Good Day to all my lovely friends!!

Today I want to share my other creation of Blue - Black Wrist Corsage. I love making those roses and hope everyone will love to seeing it =P


Hope you all have a great day ahead!! Thanks for dropping by today =)


  1. Cute little corsages!

  2. Tan these are gorgeous so pretty...just love those ribbon loops


  3. Hello dear Tan,

    Fantastic roses.Oh, they are absolutely adorable.Imagine:in white they would be suitable for a bride.
    Have a nice day,


  4. Oh Tan Sweetie ! This is sooooo gorgeous ! Your attention to details is second to none... Love the little organza bags too... Stunning creations as always Tan ! Keep them coming, we love them ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  5. OMG----- !!! What a lovely flower corsage !!! You made those SUPER LOVELY ROSES also ??? I think it is not easy to make that size roses.
    I have a making rose kit with fabric. but that is 2-3 inches roses and I use a kit.
    Especially when I used ribbon, I tried it making a rose like yours before, but .... it was very sliply and I could not make it.(;*.*;)"""
    YOU DID WONDERFUL JOB, FLOWER !!! I am very proud of YOU !!!
    And I love colors also !!! Blue ribbon around roses, that is also special good coordination !!!
    I can imagine, you can make your flower corsage for your wedding, can't you ? (^o^)/"""
    I can not wait to see your dress or wedding items.... p(^.^)q"""
    Hope you share some items on your blog for the future...,I am already exciting for YOU !!! (^.^)/""" hahahahahahaha... (^o^;)"""

  6. Tan this is adorable...what a great idea...I love flower corsages and you did an awesome job design these...I love the pearls...such a great idea...

  7. Beautiful creations Tan - love your roses and the ribbon you have used.

  8. Hi Tan~ You are so talented my friend... lovely flower corsages..
    Hey are you still on the old interface with Blogger..
    I had issues about a month ago and I had switch to Google Chrome...
    Big difference! Everything ran faster and smoothly....

  9. Tan, these are stunning!!! you are so talented sweetie. love the colors. Excellent project!! love ya god mom

  10. beautiful, love the blue ribbon, adds such a nice touch to the roses!!!

  11. Love these creations! Very talented...pretty flowers!

  12. Beautiful colors combination. Beautiful roses as always!

  13. Gorgeous to the max! Sorry I have been absent! Shame on me, but haven't caught a breath all summer. Now I am trying to play Catch up!