Friday, 13 September 2013

Ribbon - Charms Wrist Corsage - Customized Order for SG Bride

Hello Ladies!!

Today let me share with you one great news. Early this month, I had an order from a lovely and beautiful bride in Singapore. 
She ordered 4 sweet color big bow ribbon wrist corsages (WC-RPC-001) for her sisters. I am so happy and excited to be part on her amazing event.

Her wedding date was on 14th September 2013. Congrats to our lovely couple, Tony and Ivy. 

Thanks Ivy for trusting me to be part on one of your most special day. Love you so much, dear =P

Pictures on the actual day (pictures are courtesy of the bride):

PS: Thanks to my super lovely Ivy for all the pictures. You are the sweetest, Love and Big Hugs, Tan =)

Sweet Pink - Blue - Yellow Wrist Corsage - For Singapore Bride

Hello, All!!!!!!

Share with you one GREAT news!!! On July 2013 I had another order from a lovely bride in Singapore.

For this special order, I have a kind of mixed happy - disappointed feeling.
I'm (of course) so happy for the lovely couple (Alan and Fang Ting)!!!
But at the same time, I also feel so disappointed with the Singpost service. They confirmed that the parcel was missing, but on the next working day (after the wedding was over), they "suddenly" find it!!
Please let me share you the chronology of the "missing" packet:
  • Sunday, 14-07-2013. I got one order from one lovely bride, Fang Ting. Thanks dear, for choosing me =)
  • Tuesday, 16-07-2013. Order Confirmation
  • Monday, 22-07-2013 (During Lunch Time). Since there is time constraint, the bride asked me to send the packet via registered mail. She is willing to add another S$5.00 for the mail fee. Send the Packet (registered mail) @ Singpost Tampines. Double - Triple confirmed with the lady that the packet will reach in 1-2 working days.
  • Thursday, 25-07-2013. The packet hasn't arrived. I called Singpost customer service (1605) for so many times, but they said that the item is "on the way for delivery". Checked from the Singpost Tracking system, the status is "Further Processing in Progress". Called Singpost Customer Service was the most tedious task ever. Every time I called them, I need to keeps repeating the story and then finally (after they left me on hold for like 5 minutes) they say that they will call back in a while. But after a few hours no one was even bother to call back - and so on.   
  • Friday, 26-07-2013. The packet STILL hasn't arrived yet. On this day, I started called them since 08:30 a.m. till 18:00 p.m. NON STOP. After a few attempted, My husband managed to speak with the so-called team leader (Francis) and asked him where the item was. And the best part is, He can't track where the item was (I thought the purpose of registered mail is to keep track our packet delivery status?!?!?!). Give up with their kind of services, we decided to just collect the packet on the next day and send the packet by our self. Haitz, we paid money to Singpost for convenience and to solve our problems, NOT to give us more problem!! At this stage, I really lost my confidence with Singpost. I just want my packet to be delivered by the next day. She needs it by Sunday, for God sake!! Out of good will, I decided to come out another 6 simple corsage for her sisters (FOC). On Friday night, I skipped my beauty sleep (never sleep at all, FYI) to complete some corsages in case the packet is really lost. Thanks GOD I got prepare some heart felt for my upcoming flea market (which is haven't decided when).      
  • Saturday, 27-07-2013. There was one lady (Martha) from Singpost called and tell my husband that the item was officially MISSING!!!! OMG!!! It's like, we were expecting the final situation will like that, but when the Singpost confirmed it, I somehow felt so lost!! She said that we can go down to the nearest Singpost on Monday, 29-07-2013 to make the report. Straight away called the bride and tell about the news.  On the Saturday evening, I meet the Lovely bride to give the corsages.
  • Sunday, 28-07-2013. The Wedding Day. Congrats, Dear!!
 1st version of Wrist Corsages for her sisters (this packet was only delivered after the wedding):


2nd version of Wrist Corsages for her sisters (FOC):



For Alan and Fang Ting, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you guys and so honored to be part of your special day


PS: The Tracking information

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Minion Maid from Despicable Me Movie

Tada!!! Proudly present a CUTE Minion Maid version Tan's Hobbies =P Haitz, why he is so cute!!!!!! Hope you will love them as much as I do!!!!

Thanks for visiting =) 
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