Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Chinese Paper Cutting

Finaly this creation completed.... 

To make this paper cutting, there is only 1 thing that you need: "Patience". hohohoho 

You can laminate the paper cutting to make it last longer.

Argh, my eyes.... Now you know why my glasses is 'not that thin' type :(

FYI, I got the template from Chinese Paper Cutting by Diane Feng book which i borrowed from library a few years back.

Big thanks to my bro (Danny Tan Photography) for helping me capture my creation.

PS: In fact, all the pictures in this blog are captured by him. Thanks a lot, Bro....

Monday, 21 November 2011

Paper Quilling Rose

Hello everyone.

After 'missing' for more than one month (pardon me for my laziness :P ), today i want to share my creation of quilling rose.

You may try to make this quiling rose as well.

Is not that difficult to make, but not that easy either :)

Cheers !