Wednesday, 9 January 2013

DIY Wedding: 08-12-2012

Hello Ladies!!!
First of all let me wish everyone a (Belated) Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013. I want to say a big thanks for all of you who continue to read my blog and who left me with a warm and lovely comments!!
2012 has been a wonderful year for me. Truly hope that 2013 will be just a wonderful or even better and I wish the same for you all.

Today, I want to share some of DIY creation that I created for the most important day in my life. Yippee, last 8th December 2012 I officially become a Wife of such a great and an amazing man =)

I will not write too many things. Let the pictures tell you the story!

1. The couple image:


2. The Polaroid guest book:

PS: Bought the book from Passion Gadget. FYI, I also bought my polaroid camera (mini 50s piano black) and the film from there as well. I just stamp and color all the lovely images =)

3. The flower bouquet for polaroid purpose:



4. The moustache:

5. The corsages for my lovely helpers:


6. The children activity wedding book and the finger puppet (with additional 1 set of color pencil):



Remarks: Some of the images and idea are taken from internet (children activities) and pinterest.

7. The guest wedding book:

PS: This wonderfull template (What Tree Did You Fall From?) I get from Martha Steward.


8. The sweet candy and chocolate bag for candy buffet:



9. The wedding card's envelope liner and the seal: 


Thank you all and have a fabulous 2013!!

PS: Please visit my brother's blog to view my pre-wedding pictures and also the wedding actual day pictures!! Please give him some love too =)


  1. Happy Holiday and congrats to you and your hubby..
    What a beautiful Wedding you both had... Lots of fun projects and you were so very busy prepping them all through until D-Day..... You must be glad it is over and no more stressing out.... Very lovely pictures and TFS I'm glad you are back and again wish you both lots and lots of happiness....

  2. Congratulations to you and your new husband...your hand crafted wedding creations are fabulous you certainly worked very hard getting things just right. Will pop over to your brothers blog and have a look at the pictures...


  3. aww I was wondering when you where going to post.. Congratulations to you and your husband.. Looks like the wedding was wonderful.. So happy for you.

  4. Hello Tan,
    Glad to see you back in blogland.
    Your weddingpictures are amazing. I visited your brothers blog, to take a look.
    I love the bouquet of felt flowers, you made, it's lovely. By looking at the pictures, I can tell, it was a fantastic day for you and your husband. I wish you a long and happy marriage.
    Big hug,


  5. Happy to see you back, what great creations, and the pics are lovely !!!
    wish you and yours a long and happy life together !!!

  6. Hi Tan so glad your back love and hugs to you and your Hubby!! :)
    Pictures are awesome. And your are soooo beautiful!! oxoxoxoxoxox love mom.

  7. Wow, everything is so fabulous! Love it all! And your pictures are amazing too! Congratulations!!!

  8. Hello my dear flower, belated happy holidays and congratulations for your wonderful wedding !!!
    I am soooooo HAPPY for YOU and your sweet hubby !!!(^o^)/"""
    I visited your brother's blog and saw SUPER BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY YOU and HAPPY GENTLEMAN your hubby !!! It looks soooo heart-warming and amazing your produced wedding !!!(^o^)/"""
    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES for your 2013 and wonderful new life with your sweet hubby !!! (^.^)v"""

  9. Big congrats, and I know I am so late in getting by, but wanted to check in! Oh how lovely everything turned out and I bet you are just blissfully happy! You are so uber talented and the love you put into your special day not only for your self and hubby but your guest really showed! You are a pretty thoughtful couple! Congrats again!

  10. Hi Dear Tan,

    How are you?
    I miss you in Blogland, but I guess you are so busy, nowadays.