Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wedding Card Makeover

Hello to all my Lovely Readers,

I am BACK!!!! So sorry for MIA over the past two months!!  It seems that “this sentence” has been a common starter throughout my blog these few months. At the same time, I also want to say SO SORRY to all my blogger friends to not visiting your lovely blog.

Last month, I moved in to my new HDB. In Singapore, we called an apartment as HDB (Housing and Development Board). Over here, seldom people will have enough money to buy a private / landed house. So, most people will apply HDB and pay the installment for like the next 30 years / more.

Anyway, last month I and fiancĂ© went to T-Dragon for our wedding card selection. Wedding card design is one of a perk that we got when signed our wedding package with Grand Copthorne Waterfront (printing service is not included).  The printing service costs us around S$140 for 105 cards.  

Frankly speaking, We I feel that the card’s design is too plain and simple =(

So, I decided to makeover the card to my personal preference. I want it to have classic and rustic feeling.

Original Design
  • A wedding card with shiny gold hot stamping on one side
  • It contains plain text and with a single color printing
  • Plain Cream envelope.
After Makeover:
  • STILL, a wedding card with shiny gold hot stamping on one side
  • Asked them to add two of our customized logo which was designed by ME.  To print a logo, they charge us additional S$10.00 for each image. Since, I requested two images; we need to pay additional S$20.00 for printing.
  • Cream envelope with an additional of liner. It was done by me as well. I spend three days to complete this task. Paper craft bought from Spotlight. Total it cost me S$30.00.
  • And last, I use a wax stamp to seal the wedding card. Bought the Manuscript Pen Sealing Gun Wax Sticks from Maple Tree House. I love love love to shop from there. Sometimes, their products and prices can be too'delicious' for me to ignore =P
Proudly present my wedding card (after the makeover):

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Hope you all have a great Wednesday..